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 Ladies & Gentlemen,

Please find attached a quick guide version of the original Brexit document and Connect user guide for freight destined for ROI.

TPN has been very successful to date in moving freight to Ireland post Brexit which we thank you for your assistance with this , however, the increased level of issues associated with the customs process is now a concern and must be addressed immediately to enable deliveries to be effected and for the current backlogs to be processed correctly.

It is crucial that all Irish freight is manifested correctly as the number of errors and omissions is now causing a significant backlog of freight in both Dublin and at the Hub. These issues arise when the customs process can not be finalised due to incorrect entries, entries not matching invoices and most commonly, where applicable ,duties and taxes not being paid. These issues need to be communicated back to the customer and that they are aware of their responsibilities in ensuring that funds are in place and fees are available to be processed.

In order to support the operation in both Dublin and Minworth we must now insist that all freight is manifested correctly, all the required fields are completed and that all duty is paid at the earliest opportunity in order for the goods to be delivered.

Any freight that is manifested incorrectly may run the risk of being held or returned.

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation and assistance in this.


Allen Rees

Commercial Director

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Wednesday, 17 July 2024

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