What we do

Cumbria Logistics is a specialist in the movement of hazardous goods. Our team is fully trained and compliant with all the ADR and DGSA regulations and Cumbria Logistics is a member of the Hazchem Network, the only pallet network dedicated to the delivery of chemicals.

We can carry a wide range of ADR-regulated goods, including agricultural products and disinfectants, lubricants, paints, varnishes and cleaning products, to name but a few.

We and the Hazchem Network offer very high service levels and reliable delivery with safety and legal compliance our top priority.

Pallet Distribution Services in Longtown, Cumbria

The Hazchem Network

The Hazchem network offers next-day nationwide service for single or multiple pallet consignments.

It has unparalleled service with a 99.9% on-time delivery rate and 100% compliance including with the EU treaty governing the carriage of dangerous goods – ADR; the Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser qualifications; and with Hazchem Emergency Response back-up (HERS).

The Hazchem Network also offers an overnight ADR parcels service and handles over 1,000 pallets and parcels every night at its Rugby hub. It delivers through 40 ADR transport members throughout the UK.

Hazardous Goods Transport: Technical Info

  • Hub: 56,000 sq. ft. dedicated facility, segregated by chemical class into quadrants.
  • Safety: DGSA, fire protection, safety showers, chemical protection, training. Link to NCEC and Braemar Howells. SQAS audited.
  • IT: Bespoke Hub/Depot system from VIGO software, UN Number database, digital security, Chemdata, multi-lingual Tremcard software.
  • The Hazchem Emergency Response Service (HERS):
  • Rapid response to incidents with 24-hour chemist back-up and specialist vehicles. Levels I-III. A joint venture between NCEC, Braemar Howells, OAMPS Hazardous Industries and the Hazchem Network.
  • Pallets: Maximum pallet sizes are 120 length by 120cm width and 220cm height. Maximum weight is 1,250kg.
  • Parcels can weigh up to 30kgs.
  • We accept palletised Drums, IBCs, cans, gas cylinders, and large bags.

Cumbria Logistics - A member of The Hazchem Network


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